We're here to secure your external attack surface

We discover and learn from your external attack surface to identify misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and other potential weaknesses.

A team of full-time creative folks
We have a team of full-time creatives ready to take on your projects - from ideation to design and development.

We are driven by curiosity and joy in our work. We are curious in approach and joyous in execution.
Proven process to heighten your security
We discover, characterise and detect any risks to your organisation and notify you through automated alerts directly into your established workflows.
We're the company that helps secure
Attack Surface Mapping
We discover all of your attacker exposed assets and store these in a central index for you to filter and visualise.
Attack Surface Intelligence
We analyse your discovered assets and provide insights into potential risks before they become problems.
Vulnerability Detection
We scan your discovered assets for 7000+ commonly exploited vulnerabilities and allow you to manage/visualise findings.
We help more than 50+ business to secure their brands through Bug Bounty.
Frequently Asked Questions
What does the product do?
The product takes either a root domain or IP range as input and then proceeds to enumerate these for the corresponding subdomains or IPs all from an unauthenticated attackers perspective. It characterises these assets, analyses them for potential risks and also periodically scans them for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.
How often do scans occur?
The platform is continuously on the lookout for new assets, meaning it runs 24/7, 365 days a year. The benefit of this is the continuous coverage, as any new assets that are discovered are immediately characterised, analysed and scanned. Periodic scans are used for updating existing assets and scanning them for misconfigurations/vulnerabilities.
What happens if I go over my asset limit?
Do not worry about this, at Overcast we will monitor your account and ensure the assets are within the limit. If you are close to exceeding the limit we will not stop you from discovering new assets or remove any discovered ones, we will simply reach out and discuss a solution with your team.
Is my data safe with Overcast?
Yes, your data is safe with us - we uphold ourselves to the highest security standards being a security company ourselves.
Do all customers have access to support?
Yes, we offering support to all customers with standard plans having a <= 24 hour response time for any customer queries. Enterprise customers have access to quicker responses through their dedicated customer success manager.
Do you offer a free trial?
Yes, we do offer a 14-day free trial for potential customers. This is to allow them to see how our product will be beneficial to their day-to-day operations.
Any other questions?

We Make Attack Surface Management Easy

We have helped secure the following organisations through participation in their bug bounty programs

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Feel free to schedule a 14-day free trial with us, where you can run through our Attack Surface Management platform populated with your organisations data to visualise the use cases and benefits specific to your organisation!

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