Attack Surface Management

We allow you to maintain an inventory of your attacker exposed assets, whilst providing risk-driven insights into actively discovered vulnerabilities and misconfigurations. The aim is to allow users to tailor alerts specific to their needs and integrate them into the workflows they use on a daily basis.

Asset Risk Insights

Receive an Overview Report for your domains that are monitored within our platform and insights into the risks associated with them.

Asset Summary

View a summary of your monitored assets indicating a variety of information you can use to filter out and identify assets that are at risk.

Filter & Visualise Running Services on Assets

Query through your monitored assets to discover and view what is running on them. Quickly identify outdated software or any services that are not meant to be exposed to attackers.

Vulnerability Scanning

Actively receive insights and manage both vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that are discovered by our scanning engine. We allow enterprise customers to scan for their own custom vulnerabilities and we use this feature to help provide 0-day protection for their assets when a new 0-day is disclosed.

Customised Alerting

Save queries and receive automated alerts to notify you when these queries discover new assets you are interested.

Integrate Into Your Workflow

Integrate the platforms alerts into your existing workflows, which allows easy detection when something worth looking into is discovered.