Our Story

July 2021

The very first version of the Attack Surface Management platform was deployed for use across numerous Bug Bounty Programs.

November 2021

We scaled up the platform through task distribution and started adding new bug bounty programs, at the end of this process we
were consistently monitoring over 5 million subdomains for
vulnerabilities and common misconfigurations - which
demonstrated the scalability of the platform.

January 2022

Overcast Security was formed with a focus on turning the platform into a web-based, user friendly SaaS platform that can handle and process large amounts of data in a distributed manner.

March 2022

MVP for the platform was completed with thorough user
testing and some great constructive feedback. The feedback
was taken on board and we got to work implementing it into the platform.

May 2022

Partnership formed with The Juniper Companies Limited.

July 2022

Developed a clear pathway to enhance the platform for ease of use, focused on risk-driven insights and action-oriented user flows.

December 2022

Preparing the Product for a public launch to enable Enterprises in securing their ever-growing attack surface.