Add Root Domains & IP Ranges

Add your root domains and/or IP ranges that you would like to monitor in the platform.


Any added root domains/IP ranges will be immediately enumerated for either all of the subdomains it can discover or all of the IP addresses associated with the IP range.

Subdomain Resolving

Any newly discovered subdomains are immediately resolved and the corresponding DNS data is stored for the appropriate assets. Existing assets are updated periodically to ensure data is always up to date.

Port Scanning

Any newly discovered subdomains and IPs from the enumeration phase are immediately scanned for any open ports. Existing assets are updated periodically to ensure data is always up to date.

Service Discovery

Any newly discovered open ports are immediately analysed for the services that are running on those ports. Existing services are updated periodically to ensure data is always up to date.

Vulnerability Scanning

All newly discovered services are scanned for misconfigurations, vulnerabilities and any warnings. immediately. Existing assets are scanned periodically to ensure data is always up to date.

Customised Alerting

Set custom conditions i.e. "Alert me when any assets are discovered which are running SSH" and receive these alerts directly through our integrations.

Contact us to set up your Organisation

We'll set you up with a new organisation that'll allow you to add your team members and add your assets.
Our application helps you handle your attack surface easily and efficiently. Allowing you to detect and prevent potential vulnerabilities that attackers may take advantage of.

Add Domains

Add the assets your team want to monitor to the list of domains associated with your organisation.

Invite your Team

Invite the members of your team to your organisation to begin working together to protect your attack surface.

View Scan Results

View the results of your scans.
Get detailed information on assets, risks and warnings for your monitored domains associated with your organisation.

View & Filter Assets

Filter your Assets, Vulnerabilities and Warnings to find the most urgent you and your team need to address.
View our filters here.

Manage Vulnerabilities & Warnings

Manage your Vulnerabilities and Warnings efficiently with your team.

Setup Integrations

Choose which integrations you would like to use to handle notifications for updates on your assets.

Receive automated Alerts

Receive automated alerts any new updates related to your Saved Queries.