Use Cases

There are many use cases and benefits our Attack Surface Management platform provides, you can see some of the key ones below!

Central Index of Assets

The platform provides a continuously updated list of all your attacker exposed assets, so there's no need for diving deep into your infrastructure to debate whether assets are exposed or not - you can readily check the platform and have your answer from an attackers perspective.

Discover Misconfigurations & Vulnerabilities Before Attackers

The platform continuously scans for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities across all of your indexed assets. This means you can detect and respond to these before attackers get the chance to exploit them! This coverage also includes newly discovered zero-day vulnerabilities that may affect you.

Track Your Attack Surface Over Time

Organisations attack surfaces are constantly changing over time, our platform allows you to view how yours is constantly changing through our metrics. This allows you to spot previous trends and predict potential new ones. Having this insight you can at least prepare for likely future trends.

Know Your Third & Fourth Party Exposure

Ensure you know the risk that exists through third and fourth parties by tracking them within the platform. This can range from understanding the security position of a company for acquisition all the way to understanding the security posture of critical service providers.